US Mint produced 1.2 billion coins for circulation in October

A CoinNews photo of a circulating 2021-D George Washington crossing the Delaware River Quarter

U.S. coin production in October was the fastest for a month since July, breaking a string of two straight monthly slowdowns, and topping over a billion for the ninth straight month, according to the latest production figures released by the United States Mint .

Just over 1.2 billion coins – divided into cents, nickels, dimes and quarters – were minted last month, an increase of 3.8% compared to September but a decrease of 13.6% compared to October last year .

This is how the month compares to others in the past year:

October 2020 to October 2021 circulation coin production

month Imprints rank
October 2021 1,213.86 M. 6th
September 2021 1,169.28 million 8th
August 2021 1,187.32 million 7th
July 2021 1,505.24 million 1
June 2021 1,348.60 M. 4th
May 2021 1,473.06 million 2
April 2021 1,320.28 million 5
March 2021 1,134.84 million 11th
February 2021 1,163.40 million 10
January 2021 919.52 M. 12th
December 2020 903.50 M. 13th
November 2020 1,165.10 million 9
October 2020 1,404.69 million 3

The Federal Reserve orders more 1-cent coins from the US Mint than any other denomination, although data shows that it costs 1.76 cents each to manufacture and distribute. The Mint made 698.8 million Lincoln cents last month, which is 57.6% of the circulating grade coins produced.

month for month

Monthly comparisons for coins used by Americans on a daily basis showed the following production figures in October:

  • 15.4% more Lincoln cents,
  • 40.6% less Jefferson nickel,
  • 0.2% less Roosevelt dimes and
  • 3.4% more quarters.

Native American $ 1 coins and Kennedy half dollars are no longer ordered from the Federal Reserve Banks, but they are still made circulating grade for coin collectors. Often in January, the US Mint mints both coins at the expected amounts needed for the year.

That was not the case in the halves of 2021. Coin data shows none were produced by February and then only 1.6 million from Denver. Philadelphia finally showed up at 1.9 million in March. In April, amounts were advanced for both facilities by 5.2 million from Denver and 2.9 million from Philadelphia. In May production increased by 900,000 from Denver and 300,000 from Philadelphia. Eventually, the Philadelphia Mint produced another 300,000 in August.

Together, the months add up to 13.1 million halves – the most for a year since 2001. Last year’s half dollar ended with 3.4 million from Denver and 2.3 million from Philadelphia, making a total of 5.7 million halves.

The published coins of 2021 Native American dollars have remained unchanged since January, with equal parts of 1.26 million from Denver and 1.26 million from Philadelphia for a total of 2.52 million coins. In contrast, the 2020 dollar was 1.26 million for Denver and 1.4 million for Philadelphia for 2.66 million coins.

The US Mint began selling rolls and bags of 2021 Indian dollars on February 16. Kennedy Half-Dollar Rolls and Bags debuted on May 11th 2021.

Here is a summary of all circulation grade coins produced in the past month:

US Mint circulation coin production in October 2021

Denomination Denver Philadelphia total
Lincoln cents 314,400,000 384,400,000 698,800,000
Jefferson Nickels 44,160,000 36,000,000 80,160,000
Roosevelt dimes 125,000,000 108,500,000 233,500,000
quarter 111,200,000 90,200,000 201,400,000
Kennedy half dollars 0 0 0
Native American $ 1s 0 0 0
total 594,760,000 619,100,000 1,213,860,000

The US mints in Denver and Philadelphia produce all American coins for trade. Last month, the Denver Mint produced 594.76 million coins and the Philadelphia Mint produced 619.1 million coins for the combined 1,213,860,000 coins.

YTD totals

Year to date, the Denver Mint has minted 6,382,780,000 coins and the Philadelphia Mint has minted 6,052,620,000 coins for a combined total of 12,435,400,000 coins, 2.1% less than the 12,705,780,000 coins minted in the same period in 2020 .

The following table lists the total coin production for 2021 by denomination and by US coin system:

YTD 2021 circulation coin production by denomination

1 5 10 25th 50 Not applicable 1 Total:
Denver 3327.2M 712.32M 1334.5M 999.8M 7.7 million 1.26M 6382.78M
Philadelphia 3311.6M 678.46M 1186.5M 869.4M 5.4 M. 1.26M 6052.62M
total 6638.8M 1390.78M 2521M 1869.2M 13.1 million 2.52M 12435.4M

If the current production rate extended to December, the annual minting for 2021 would exceed 14.9 billion coins. The US Mint produced over 14.77 billion coins for circulation in 2020.

Embossings from Unique Design

In addition to the Native American dollar, the US Mint (on February 8) released another coin with only a one-year design – the 2021 Tuskegee Airmen District for Alabama. Its coinage remained unchanged in October.

This final table provides a breakdown of this year’s coins reported by Coin Design:

2021 Circulation coin production according to design

Denver Philadelphia total
Lincoln cents 3,327,200,000 3,311,600,000 6,638,800,000
Jefferson Nickel 712,320,000 678,460,000 1,390,780,000
Roosevelt dime 1,334,500,000 1,186,500,000 2,521,000,000
Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site Quarter, Alabama 304,000,000 160,400,000 464,400,000
George Washington crossing the Delaware Quarter not reported not reported not reported
Kennedy half dollars 7,700,000 5,400,000 13,100,000
1 dollar Native American coin 1,260,000 1,260,000 2,520,000
total 5,686,980,000 5,343,620,000 11,030,600,000

There are 1,404,800,000 in quarters that the US Mint has yet to officially map to a design. This is the 2021 George Washington Crossing the Delaware Quarters. Hundreds of millions more will be made by the time the first American Women’s Quarters are released in 2022.

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