US Mint 2021 Christmas ornaments contain quarters

With the holidays just around the corner, gift giving is the theme of the day as the United States Mint released two ornaments for sale to the public. These include the United States Mint ornament with a festive wreath-like design and the Mighty Minters ™ ornament with a more kid-friendly theme called “Winter is Sweet”.

US Mint image of the Mighty Minters Ornaments 2021

In the center of each ornament is an uncirculated neighborhood with the final design of the US Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® program. Posted in the US Mint facility in Philadelphia, the portrait of George Washington appears prominently on the front of the neighborhood. The back of the ornaments also share an engraving of the United States Mint Seal as well as “Made in the USA” and “© 2021 US Mint”. Both are made of solid brass and imitation rhodium.

The Christmas decoration series is now for the third year in a row after a break of several years. The 2019 ornaments contain out-of-circulation Kennedy half-dollars, while the last 2020 ornaments contain out-of-circulation Jefferson nickel. The Mint describes them all as uniquely designed and entirely handcrafted in the USA

This year’s Winter is Sweet themed 2021 Mighty Minters Ornament is more meant for kids. Its overall appearance is playful with the child-friendly mascots of the mint – Layla, the peach and Eli, the fox, four red-striped candy canes, several surrounding snowflakes and a silver-colored cord attached to them.

2021 USA Mint ornamentUS Mint Image of the 2021 United States Mint Ornament

This year’s United States Mint ornament has a festive wreath-like design with a holly motif and a deer on each side. The intricate and reflective holly design includes red shaded berries and a stylized red ring that surrounds the neighborhood. It has a red wire attached to it.


Both the 2021 United States Mint Ornament and the 2021 Mighty Minters Ornament come in gift boxes that are suitable for giving away. The United States Mint ornament retails for $ 29.95 while the Mighty Minters ornament retails for $ 27.95. They don’t have set circulation or product limits, but each has a household order limit of 15 for the first 24 hours of sale.

The pair, as well as the previous year’s editions, can be ordered through Mint’s online shop dedicated to Christmas decorations.

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