The Minister of Finance appoints Dr. Lawrence Brown to chair the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee

WASHINGTON – The United States Mint announced today that Treasury Secretary Dr. Lawrence S. Brown as the next Chair of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC), effective January 30, 2022. The CCAC Chair is appointed from among the current members and serves a one-year term.

dr Brown was appointed in 2019 as one of three members to the CCAC, which represents the interests of the public in United States coinage.

As a lifelong numismatist, Dr. Brown traced his fascination with coins to his youth in Brooklyn, New York, where he was fascinated by the different ways history could be captured on such a small canvas. His focus is on modern circulation and commemorative coins.

dr Brown, a Vietnam veteran, is an associate clinical professor of medicine and health policy and research at Cornell University’s Weill Medical College. He is Chief Executive Officer at START Treatment and Recovery Centers in Brooklyn, New York.

The CCAC was established in 2003 by an act of Congress. It advises the Secretary of the Treasury on any proposed theme or design relating to circulation coins, bullion coins, Congressional gold medals, and other medals produced by the United States Mint. The CCAC also makes commemorative coin recommendations to the Secretary, advising on the events, people, or places to be commemorated, as well as the minting levels and proposed designs.

The CCAC is under the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury. The United States Mint is responsible for providing necessary and reasonable administrative support, technical services, and advice. The CCAC submits an annual report to Congress and the Treasury Secretary outlining its activities and making recommendations.

About the United States Mint

The United States Mint was established by Congress in 1792 and became part of the Department of the Treasury in 1873. It is the sole maker of legal tender coins and is responsible for the production of circulation coins for the nation to conduct its trade and commerce. The United States Mint also produces numismatic products, including Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated, and Commemorative coins; Congressional Gold Medals; and silver and gold bullion coins. The United States Mint’s numismatic programs are self-sustaining and are free to the taxpayer.

Press release courtesy of United States Mint.

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