Perth Mint — Australia: Wedge-tailed eagle features on new ultra-high relief gold and silver one-ounce Proof coins

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The Perth Mint has released their latest gold and silver Proof one-ounce coins featuring the various breeds of eagles prevalent in the country.

This is the seventh wedge-tailed eagle design for the Perth Mint by renowned sculptor and engraver John M. Mercanti, the 12th Chief Engraver of the US Mint. Mercanti also created the reverse design of the American Silver Eagle bullion coin and has produced more coin and medal designs than any other employee in the history of the US Mint.

This majestic wedge-tailed eagle silver coin, featuring Mercanti’s artistry and prepared exclusively for the Perth Mint showcases an ultra-high relief strike, a coining technique that offers an even greater three-dimensional aspect and impression to the coin’s reverse design.

The coin’s reverse, shared on both the gold and silver options, portrays the head of a wedge-tailed eagle. Standing especially proud of the coin’s table, the artistry highlights the bird’s superbly effective eyes, which allow it to pinpoint prey from a great height, and a large, hooked beak. The inscription AUSTRALIAN WEDGE-TAILED EAGLEthe Perth Mint’s P mintmark, and the coin’s weight, fineness, and 2022 year of issue complete the design.

The coin’s obverse depicts the Jody Clark Commonwealth effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II along with the monetary denomination placed below her likeness.



weight diam Quality

Min days limit

one dollar


31.1 g 40.9mm bullion


one dollar


31.1 g 32.6mm Proof


Eight dollars


155.5g 50.9mm Proof


100 dollars

.9999 gold

31.1 g 27.6mm Proof


Both the one and five-ounce silver Proof-quality coins are housed in a classic gray display case within a themed protective box and are accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. The gold coins are housed in a deluxe timber display case within a themed, customized protective box and are accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. For additional information about these coins and other coins available from the Perth Mint, please visit their website.

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