Notes published: A new comic book for coin collectors – “Franklin’s World”

The language historian and numismatist Claire Franklin explores the humor of coins and antiquity in “Franklin’s World” – now published in a book. (Image from; all rights reserved).

You may not immediately think of cartoons when you think of coin collecting. But the hobby has had its share of humorists over the years, including cartoonists.

Edward C. Rochette – the late “Mr. ANA, ”retired executive director of the American Numismatic Association, after which their national museum in Colorado Springs is named, drew a cartoon called“ Numispest ”for Numismatic News that began shortly after the newspaper’s 1952 debut. Quoting Rochette’s recollections of the first comic, journalist Leon Worden said, “I think the very first was a guy who stood there cleaning his coins and the acid dripped down and ate his pant leg and someone said, ‘I think it’s a bit too strong for coins’ ”(COINage Magazine, Volume 42, Number 5, May 2006).

The cartoonist Bill King (1922-2006) also drew a weekly editorial gag panel for Numismatic News for many years.

Krause Publications published the 128-page A Coin Collector’s Selection of Cointoons: Selected Cartoons from the Pages of Numismatic News and Coins Magazine in 1966.

In 1979 Plainsman & Jolex published the similarly named Lo Linkert’s Cointoons, a collection of the German-Canadian gag cartoonist’s numismatic jokes.

And recently we have the adorable and clever Claire Franklin.

Dr. Franklin (she received her PhD in Classical Philology from the University of Reading, England, with a thesis on “Studies in the Intellectual Milieu of Posidonius of Apameia”) has drawn hundreds of numismatic cartoons that are regularly published at Coin Week.

For more than 10 years, readers have enjoyed Franklin’s drawings, puns, jokes, jokes, and puns online. She is mainly concerned with the rich field of Greek, Roman and other ancient coins.

On Saturday, November 6th, 2021, Franklin’s cartoons will finally debut in print. Your book will be officially presented at a vernissage in the historic dining room of Emperor Maximilian I at Hasegg Castle in Hall in Tyrol.

After opening remarks by Joachim Stollhoff from Munzen & Medalen GmbH (publisher of the book) and the Münzwochen founder and editor Ursula Kampmann, the caricaturist speaks about her cartoon “Franklin’s World” and the humor of the coins.

To purchase a copy of Claire Franklin’s 312-page, 10 by 7.5-inch book for your personal library of numismatic humor, email .

If you are a cartoonist who also happens to collect coins, I invite you to drop me a line. I would like to know more about your work, even if your two interests do not overlap as in the popular “Franklins World”.

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