NGC-certified Hawaii Five-O Nickel raises over $ 4 million

A 1913 Liberty Nickel certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) – known as the Hawaii Five-O coin – fetched over $ 4 million in a private sale, one of the highest prices ever for a coin were paid. The private sale, conducted by Stack’s Bowers, marked the 14th time an NGC-certified coin grossed over $ 1 million this year alone.

The 1913 Liberty Nickel, dubbed “The Hawaii Five-O Coin”, was rated NGC PF 64+. This rarity fetched over $ 4 million.

There are only five examples of the 1913 Liberty Nickel, none of which have been officially approved. Their origins remain in the dark, but there is no doubt that they are at the forefront of numismatics today. At some point “Colonel” EHR Green acquired all five, but two are now anchored in museum collections.

This example is with NGC PF 64. rated+ and shows the family tree “The Hawaii Five-O Coin”. This police practice revealed the ultra-rarity in a 1973 episode titled “The $ 100,000 Nickel” which helped increase public appreciation for coin collecting. NGC certified the famous nickel in 2004.

“None of the 51 million coins certified by NGC has sparked public interest like this,” said Mark Salzberg, Chairman of NGC. “NGC is proud of its long tradition of certifying extraordinary numismatic rarities like this one.”

The coin was issued by Stack’s Bowers at Long Beach Expo in October 2021. The auction house announced the sale on November 8th.

The numismatic world has seen seven-digit coin sales at a breakneck pace this year. In January, an NGC-certified Brasher Doublon of 1787 fetched $ 9.36 million, an auction record for any gold coin at the time. In October, an NGC-certified Great Britain 1937 Edward VIII Gold Pattern 5 Sovereign fetched for $ 2.4 million, a record for every English coin sold at auction.

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