NGC Certified Edward VIII Gold Sovereign Achieves Record $ 2.45M at MDC Monaco Sale

An extremely rare Edward VIII Pattern Gold 5 Sovereign certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) fetched 2.11 million euros (about $ 2.45 million), setting another record for every auction sale British coin on. It was the top lot in an impressive auction presented by MDC Monaco, where 22 other NGC-certified numismatic rarities fetched prices in excess of US $ 100,000.

This 1937 British Edward VIII Gold Pattern 5 Sovereign, rated NGC PF 67 Ultra Cameo, fetched € 2.11 million (approximately $ 2.45 million) on the MDC Monaco sale.

The Great Britain 1937 Edward VIII Gold Pattern 5 Sovereign rated NGC PF 67 Ultra Cameo (lot 1050) was the top lot in the auction that took place in Monaco from October 20 to 21, 2021. Only one of two examples known to be privately owned previously hit a record $ 2.28 million on a sale in the United States in March 2021.

Edward VIII began his reign in January 1936 after the death of his father, but he gave up the throne before the end of the year to marry a divorced American. Some proposals for coin designs, known as patterns, were minted during his brief reign. Since the coins depicting Edward VIII were never issued, these designs are now highly valued by numismatists.

“I am proud that a coin certified by NGC has again set a new world record,” said Ben Wengel, NGC Senior Grading Finalizer of World Coins. “Bidders’ trust in NGC’s trusted certification services will help coins at every level achieve their maximum potential.”

Two other UK proof coins are grossing over $ 500,000 each

To underline the strength of NGC’s expertise in world coins, the eight best coins in the MDC Monaco auction were all NGC certified. The second highest was a Great Britain 1820 Gold Pattern 5 Sovereign with an NGC PF 64 Ultra Cameo with a smooth edge (Lot 1033). It raised € 750,000 (approximately $ 873,000).

Great Britain 1820 Gold Pattern 5 Sovereign NGC PF 64 Ultra CameoThis Great Britain 1820 Gold Pattern 5 Sovereign, graded NGC PF 64 Ultra Cameo, fetched € 750,000 (approximately $ 873,000) on the MDC Monaco sale.

Designed by the renowned Benedetto Pistrucci, the front shows King George III, while the back shows Pistrucci’s beloved St. George and the Dragon design.

Another British gold coin issued during the reign of George II, the predecessor and grandfather of George III, fetched € 600,000 (approximately $ 698,000). The 1731 5 guineas rated NGC PF 64+ Cameo (lot 1031) is the finest known specimen of this rarity, which was issued at the beginning of the reign of King George II.

Great Britain 1731 5 guineas, rated NGC PF 64+ cameoThis 1731 Great Britain 5 Guineas, classified as NGC PF 64+ Cameo, fetched € 600,000 (approx. $ 698,000) on the MDC Monaco sale.

Like the Edward VIII pattern, this coin belongs to the Paramount Collection, an ambitious group of hundreds of the greatest rarities among world coins. They were sold at a Heritage Auctions auction in March 2021 and continue to have an impact on the world coin market. In fact, nine of the 23 NGC-certified rarities that were fetched at the MDC Monaco auction at prices above 100,000 US dollars belong in the Paramount Collection.

“We are delighted that the numismatic community took the opportunity to acquire great rarities such as the Edward VIII pattern in this auction,” said Nicolas Gimbert, MDC Monaco Numismatic Expert. “The record-breaking award is a testament to the importance of NGC certification.”

The latest sale of the Edward VIII pattern marks the 13th time an NGC-certified coin has sold for over $ 1 million in 2021 alone. Sales included a 1787 Brasher doubloon that fetched $ 9.36 million in January, which was a record for every gold coin sold at auction at the time. To explore the list of exceptional rarities from the US, UK, China and Russia, click here.

More six-digit results

Further NGC-certified highlights in the MDC Monaco Sale were:

  • a Great Britain 1831 Gold Crown with NGC Proof Details (Lot 1041) and a pedigree of the Paramount Collection, which brought in € 324,000 (approx. $ 377,000).
  • a Roman Empire, Magnentius (350-353) gold medallion rated NGC Ancients MS ★, 5/5 Strike, 3/5 Surface, with fine style and pedigree of the Paramount Collection (lot 140), which brought in € 300,000 (approx. $ 349,000)
  • an England 1699 Elephant and Castle 5 Guineas valued NGC MS 64 (lot 1029), which brought in € 300,000 (approx. $ 349,000)
  • a Hungary 1713 Transylvania 10 ducats valued NGC MS 61 (lot 1351), which achieved € 294,000 (approx. $ 342,000)
  • a France 1640A 8 Louis d’Or graded NGC MS 61 (lot 452) and pedigree of the Paramount Collection, which brought in € 282,000 (approx. $ 328,000)
  • a France 1848A Gold Off-Metal Strike 5 Francs rated NGC MS 62+ (Lot 826) and family tree of the Paramount Collection, which raised € 192,000 (approximately $ 223,000).
  • an Italy 1821 Eagle Sardinia 20 Lire valued NGC MS 63 ★ (Lot 1141), which fetched € 180,000 (approx. $ 209,000)
  • a Russia dated 1894 death of Alexander III. Gold medal, graded NGC MS 62 (Lot 1316), which brought in € 180,000 (approx. $ 209,000).
  • a France (1831) Essai Gold 100 Francs graded NGC PF 63 Cameo (Lot 809) and pedigree of the Paramount Collection, which brought in € 174,000 (approx. $ 202,000).
  • a Colombia 1755NR S 8 Escudos with NGC XF 45 (Lot 356), which fetched 144,000 € (approx. 168,000 USD)
  • a Russia 1896 25 rubles valued NGC MS 61 (Lot 1317), which fetched € 144,000 (approx. $ 168,000)
  • a Great Britain 1826 5 Sovereign rated NGC PF 63 Ultra Cameo (Lot 1038), which raised € 138,000 (approx. $ 161,000).
  • an England 1679 5 Guineas valued NGC MS 61 (Lot 1025) and goes into the Paramount Collection, which brought in € 120,000 (approx. $ 140,000).
  • a China (1914) L. Giorgi Silver Dollar valued NGC UNC Details (Lot 349), which brought in € 108,000 (approx. $ 126,000)
  • a China (1914) L. Giorgi Silver Dollar with NGC UNC details and pedigree of the Paramount Collection (lot 347), which brought in € 102,000 (approx. $ 119,000)
  • a France 1786A Gold Essai Ecu with NGC UNC details (lot 538) that fetched € 102,000 (approx. $ 119,000)
  • a China (1914) L. Giorgi Silver Dollar valued NGC AU Details (Lot 348), which brought in € 96,000 (approx. $ 112,000)
  • an Italy 1907 Gold Pattern Prova 50 Lire graded NGC PF 66 Ultra Cameo (Lot 1194), which fetched € 96,000 (approximately $ 112,000)
  • an Italy 1901R 5 Lire valued NGC MS 64 PL (lot 1198), which fetched € 93,000 (approx. $ 108,000)
  • a Roman Empire, Constantine I AD 307-337 Gold Festaureus rated NGC Ancients MS ★, 5/5 Strike and 5/5 Surface (lot 138), the € 86,400 (approx.

The realized prices include the buyer’s premium. All dollar amounts are in US dollars.

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