New Concerned Collectors Coalition to replace Consumer Patrons membership

The National Coin & Bullion Association is replacing our consumer level membership with a new free collectors membership. The Concerned Collectors Coalition is specifically aimed at people whose main source of income is not generated from the sale of numismatic material. Members of the Concerned Collectors Coalition receive a certificate of membership and the coalition’s quarterly digital newsletter, Member News. A member of the Concerned Collectors Coalition does not have a membership vote.

To support the work of the NCBA advocating for the numismatic community, Concerned Collectors Coalition members are required to identify their federal and state legislatures as part of the registration process. One of the first steps in convincing federal and state legislators to support our initiatives is to find out who represents our members. This allows the NCBA and our lobbyists to focus on lawmakers whose constituents are directly impacted by the initiatives so that we can contact them to support our efforts when the time comes. It will also allow our lobbyists to get a clear picture of where these key lawmakers stand on issues related to our initiatives and what committees they serve on before we reach out to them.

Our Concerned Collectors Coalition members will be an important voice in the fight for our initiatives and will be called upon to support our work in state and federal legislatures. If you value access to a fair coin and bar market, take advantage of our work. Membership is free, but donations are vital to our efforts. You can always donate $25, $50, $100 or more to support our initiatives and help shape the future of our numismatic community. Click here to make a contribution.

Current Consumer Patrons members have been automatically enrolled as members of the Concerned Collectors Coalition. Each member’s profile should be updated to include the names of their federal and state MPs. Profiles can be updated at any time through the “Member Login” button on the NCBA website. If you don’t know your password, there is a link on the login screen to retrieve it. Click here to find your legislators.

Help us make this coalition a strong voice for the numismatic community! Collectors, join the NCBA for free as a member of the Concerned Collectors Coalition and join the fight in our initiatives. The same applies here: If you value access to a fair market for coins and bars, you will benefit from our work. And please donate $25, $50, $100 or more to support our initiatives and help shape the future of our numismatic community.

Press release courtesy of National Coin & Bullion Association.

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