Italy: €10 gold Proof coin launches new “Fountains of Italy” series and a tribute to Rome’s timeless Trevi Fountain

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The IPZS will launch (4th April) the first gold Proof coin which launches a new series entitled “The Fountains of Italy,” and pays tribute to some of the country’s most memorable and artistic fountains. The function of public fountains in Rome, spanning back to the eighth century, was both aesthetic as well as practical, providing drinking water and artistic expression of the local artisans.

The coins are designed by Maria Angela Cassol, which feature on the reverse detail of the Trevi Fountain of a horse held back by a triton. Above the primary design is the inscription FONTANA OF TREVI and to the left is the year of issue 2022 with the mint mark R identifying the Mint of Rome seen to the right. Below the design is the coins’ face value 10 EURO. The obverse side highlights a typical and classic Roman fountain known as “il Nasone,” a type of drinking fountain found in Rome. To the left, in the circular pattern, are typical pavement stones known as “sampietrini” and are familiar sights in the streets and squares of the many historic centers in Rome. Superimposed over the stones is the text REPUBLIC OF ITALIANA and in a vertical direction to the right of the fountain is the name of the coins’ designer CASSOL.

denom. metal weight diam Quality Maximum min days
10 Euro .900 gold 3g 13.8mm Proof 1,500

Available from the April 20th, the coins are individually encapsulated and presented in a custom case accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. For additional information, please click here.

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