Introduction to the US Mint Coin Classroom

This summer, the US Mint launched new resources for children, parents and teachers. The HIP Pocket Change Kids Site is now the US Mint Coin Classroom!

The US Mint Coin Classroom offers exciting content about the mint, coins, coin production and collecting. The website provides opportunities for children to have fun learning through videos, informative graphics, and games. The mint’s educational content, including lesson plans, is now in the coin classroom’s resource area.

New content in the coin classroom

New focus: An expanded introductory area and refined content focus the Coin Classroom on the mission of the Mint and the coins in circulation. The content is now aimed at children in kindergarten through fourth grade.

Improved graphics: To help kids understand key concepts like coin composition, execution, and symbols, we’ve introduced more graphics and improved existing images throughout the coin class.

Life of a coin: From Design to Retirement, this new section shows how the mint makes and produces coins. Immerse yourself in an explanation of the design process, parts of a coin, and the composition of the coin metal.

Updated educational resources: Adults can use this section to find lesson plans and home activities to teach math to kids with coins. There are also resources that convey the history and work of the mint.

The US Mint Coin Classroom continues to feature the Mint’s free online games such as Coin Stamper, Counting With Coins, and Gold Rush. Some games teach counting, probability, and other math skills. Other games focus on sharing information about coin programs and the mint in a fun and engaging way. In the future, the games will be tailored to the new audience and content of the US Mint Coin Classroom.

Look for more games, coin-operated activities, and engaging content in the future. If you would like to request additional resources, please contact us at .

Published courtesy of the United States Mint Office of Corporate Communications.

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