Heritage offers CAG certified medals, flags, and Wright Flyer pieces flown on Apollo 11

CAG-certified Apollo 11 Robbins Medal with a NGC / CAG MS-67 rating and Armstrong Family Collection pedigree. Move the pointer to zoom.

The artifacts are among dozens from the Armstrong Family Collection in a space-related auction in November.

Medals and other Apollo 11 artifacts certified by the Collectibles Authentication Guaranty (CAG) from the Armstrong Family Collection are on offer at an upcoming space memorabilia auction. The invitation to tender for the Heritage Auctions auction, which is scheduled for November 12, 2021, is already running.

The highlights include an Apollo 11 Flyn Robbins medal with the serial number 429, rated as NGC / CAG MS-67 and from the Armstrong Family Collection (lot 50326). The collection includes thousands of artifacts saved by the family of astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon. Opened in a number of auctions since 2018, selections from this stunning collection have raised more than $ 12 million to date.

The Robbins Medals were minted for astronauts as a souvenir of their historic missions. The front of Apollo 11 depicts an eagle landing on the moon’s crater-strewn surface, while the reverse shows the names of crew members and the date of takeoff, moon landing, and impact on Earth. More than a week before the auction, $ 20,000 was already bid for this example.

Additional CAG-certified Robbins medals, including two from Apollo 11, are offered by Heritage from The Potter-Aldrin Family Collection. To learn more, click here.

CAG-certified Wright Flyer wing pieces from the Armstrong Family Collection (left) and the Otto Kallir Collection (right).

Parts of the Wright Flyer

Armstrong, the Apollo 11 commander, agreed to take parts of the Wright Flyer on the historic mission in July 1969. He was allowed to keep some of these parts from the aircraft that ushered in the era of manned powered flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, December 1903. The auction includes one, a piece of the wing (lot 50327) bearing the impressive pedigree of “Kitty Hawk 12/17/1903 “and” Tranquility Base 07/20/1969 “.

Another wing piece from the Wright Flyer also found its way to this heritage sale via a different route. The piece (lot 50088) comes from the collection of aviation enthusiast Otto Kallir and was once part of a scale model of the Wright Flyer made from real wing fabric of the iconic aircraft.

Other highlights

Further CAG-certified highlights from the Armstrong Family Collection in the current sale are:

  • an Apollo 11 flag – 10 x 15 cm (lot 50328)
  • an Apollo 11 type 3 insurance cover (Lot 50329)
  • an Apollo 11 type 1 insurance cover (lot 50330)
  • a Gemini 8 flown gold-plated Fliteline medal with NGC MS-63 (lot 50331)
  • a signed NASA photo of Neil Armstrong – 20 “by 10” (lot 50333)
  • a piece of beta cloth flown by Apollo 11 (Lot 50332)
  • a universal commemorative Apollo 11 patch (lot 50340)
  • a copy of the Life To the Moon and Back Special Edition, summer 1969, graded CGC 8.5 (lot 50461)

Press release courtesy of Numismatic Guaranty Company.

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