From the Colonel’s Desk: A New Year for Numismatics in Kentucky

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I hope you enjoyed our foray into Bluegrass State 2021 in this “From the Colonel’s Desk” column. We explored the highways and back roads that linked Kentucky with the rich history of American coins, tokens, paper money, medals, private money, and related collectibles.

Some of these artifacts are reminiscent of the ups and downs of hardworking dreamers and doers like the land baron Dr Schloss for his wife).

Some tell exciting stories of people who have found treasures through luck – like the farm boys who dug up a jug of gold coins in their uncle’s tobacco field – or out of persistence, like Gaius Whitfield III., Who with a key he left behind his fortune Ancestors caught up with father.

Some connect us to the daily lives of farmers, merchants, and other workers in Kentucky, showing us how they made their money and how they spend it.

Some immerse us in the horrors of war, the struggles of hard financial times, and the sadness of personal loss.

Others speak of the inspiring acts of great and humble men and women.

We’ll be exploring more of these highways and back roads in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the coming year. There are so many stories to tell and so many interesting pieces of history to collect. I am glad that you are here for the trip.

Dennis Tucker, Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, is the editor of Whitman Publishing, a leading manufacturer of warehouse and display supplies, reference books, and other resources for the collector and hobbyist. He was named a Kentucky Colonel in March 2021 for his career in book publishing and promoting Bluegrass State’s status as a major subject in numismatics. His column, “From the Colonel’s Desk,” examines the Commonwealth’s multiple connections to American coins, tokens, medals, paper money, private currency, and related artifacts.


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