East India Company – Saint Helena: The third gold and silver proof coin in The Queen’s Virtues Collection shows charity

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The East India Company, in association with the Government of St. Helena, is pleased to announce the third release to form part of the popular series of collectors coins entitled The Queen’s Virtues Collection. Launched in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th birthday, which she celebrated on April 21, 2021, the series is inspired by the “Virtues of a Queen” and proudly celebrates this important milestone event. When complete, the series will include a beautiful collection of six designs that represent these qualities and virtues.

While the first coin represented victory and the second truth, the third design and theme focuses on charity. It is said that those who show a true sense of charity, show compassion for others, have a great desire to give of themselves, and most importantly, live lives of true generosity and sharing. As monarchies transitioned from authority to influence, it was Queen Victoria who believed the crown should be ruled through philanthropy rather than political power.

Today Queen Elizabeth II is Patron of more than 600 charities and organizations in the UK and Commonwealth. At the height of her activities, she was estimated to help raise more than $2 billion (or £1.4 billion) a year. During the first 60 years of her reign, Her Majesty is documented as giving her time and attention to more charities during her long reign than any other monarch in history. As part of a very solemn and charitable act before each Good Friday, the Queen attends the Maundy Thursday ceremony. Small silver coins of the Queen’s age are distributed in red or white leather pouches to as many men and women of the same age as the sovereign, along with a current £5 crown coin.

The third coin, highlighting charity, features an exceptional design created by accomplished artist Elles Kloosterman. Her designs are based on the celebrated Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace. The charity is represented by a sculpture depicting motherhood and a serene woman seated holding a baby she is breastfeeding. Her left arm is holding an older child and on her right knee a third child is holding a bag of money, symbolizing generosity with one’s wealth to others. To the left of the pattern on the edge is the Latin inscription GREETINGS TO ALL (“In all things charity”). The East India Company’s distinctive secret mark is at the top right, a mark of quality applied to all modern East India Company coins. The obverse features the Commonwealth effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II created by engraver Jody Clark and introduced to the coinage of St Helena in 2019. The issuing authority ST. HELEN is included in the legend surrounding the Queen’s effigy with face value and year of issue 2022 shown below.

face value


Weight diameter quality

Maximum edition

A pound

.999 silver

31.1g 38.6mm prove


Five pounds

.9999 gold

31.1g 32mm prove


Available from the January 24, 2022, each encapsulated coin is presented in a special case and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an information booklet. The Gold and Silver options are available directly from the East India Company website.

Upcoming coins in the series:

  1. Coin 4 — JUSTICE (Justice) FIAT JUSTITIA – “Let Justice Be Done”

The fourth coin depicts a winged angel of Justice with a sword in hand, symbolizing the reputation of a just and righteous queen. The child on her left carries her scales of justice, the symbol of impartial testimony.

  1. coin 5 — FORTUDO (Courage) DESIGN AND MINDS – “Through Wisdom and Courage”

The fifth coin in the series depicts the allegorical symbol of courage wearing a helmet and carrying a mace with a cloak twirling in the wind.

  1. coin 6 — CONSISTENCY (Consistency) INTER MUTANDA CONSTANTIA – “Constant Amidst Change”

The sixth and final coin will highlight the image of constancy holding a ship’s compass, symbolizing the virtue of staying on course and dedicated to a goal.

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