Australia: Down Under style Christmas holidays with 50 cent commemorative coin for sun, sand and surf

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The Royal Australian Mint took the opportunity by releasing its 2021 Christmas Commemorative Coin to remind those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere that Christmas down under has many different traditions of sun and sand.

Therefore, the 12-sided 50-cent Christmas coin designed by Bronwyn Scott with the date 2021 is brimming with summer sun and surf. The design combines elements of dot art with a modern depiction of the coast and waves, and completely captures Australia’s love for Christmas outdoor activities like surfing and beach life. The shimmering surface of the salt water glistens with stars and sparkles as it cascades in waves of sea foam. Below, the garland of bubbles shows the tidal trail on the textured sand, depicted with a dotted design and a subtle play of matted surfaces. The number 50 is placed at the bottom right and indicates the value of the coins of 50 cents.

The obverse shows the Commonwealth portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, created by the graphic artist Jody Clark. The year of issue 2021 is contained in the legend of the portrait.

Face value


weight diameter quality

Maximum circulation

50 cents x five


15.5 g 31.5 mm Brilliant Unc.

Each unlimited

In the coin card format, each coin is stylishly presented in the mint’s clever and unique pop-out decoration card in the five foiled colors yellow, blue, purple, turquoise and white, which means that the coin itself can be used as a Christmas tree ornament. There is also space for a personal holiday message on the back of the card. Please visit the Royal Australian Mint website for more information.

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