2022 American Innovation $1 Enrollments Filled for Rolls and Bags

This CoinNews photo shows a roll of 2022-P Rhode Island American Innovation Dollars

Enrollment limits have been reached for rolls and bags of 2022 American Innovation $1 Coins, the United States Mint told customers April 12 in an e-mail notice. The US Mint is now recommending their “Remind Me” tool for these enrollments in the event any slots open due to order cancellations and order reconciliations.

The US Mint’s enrollment program works much like a magazine subscription. When you sign up to receive a family of products, they are shipped automatically to you when they become available.

Introduced in 2018, the Mint’s multi-year series of Innovation dollars feature reverse designs honoring America’s ingenuity by highlighting pioneering efforts of individuals or groups from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the five US territories.

2022 dollars celebrate innovations from Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky, and Tennessee (See images of the coins.)

Rolls and bags of first 2022 dollar (Rhode Island) went on sale Feb. 23. As of this writing, they remain available. Rolls and bags of the other three dollars had scheduled release dates of April 26 (Vermont), June 28 (Kentucky), and this summer (Tennessee).

Other US Mint product enrollments have sold out as well, like single-coin 2022 Silver Eagles and several 2022 American Women quarter dollars.

U.S. Mint Notice

The body of the US Mint’s latest notice follows:

American Innovation $1 Coin Rolls and Bags Enrollments are Closed

The 2022 American Innovation $1 Coin 100-Coin Bag (P), American Innovation $1 Coin 100-Bag (D), American Innovation $1 Coin 25-Coin Roll (P), and American Innovation $1 Coin 25-Coin Roll (D) inventories have all been depleted. This marks the first time in US Mint history that all American Innovation $1 Coins have been depleted through enrollments.

During order processing and reconciliation some units may become available. Those units will be made available to customers via “Remind Me” notification. If you have not signed up for a “Remind Me” notification, please don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to do so.

remind me

An additional reminder – the American Innovation $1 Coin Proof Set™ and American Innovation $1 Coin Reverse Proof Set™ enrollments include the 2022 American Innovation $1 Coins. Enroll in the sets today to ensure your collection of the 2022 American Innovation $1 Coins.

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